SPSC Carbon Technologies

SPSC GmbH is a leading technology provider in the field of biochar and energy production from various types of biomasses.

The company offers a range of compact and stand-alone systems, such as the Vario S, L, and L+ classes, which are highly suitable for agricultural and forestry applications. These systems are ready for operation immediately, require low maintenance, and do not rely on external energy supply during the production process.

Additionally, SPSC GmbH introduces the fully automated VARIO XS, a high-efficiency and low-maintenance plant equipped with intelligent control systems that meet the highest standards in biomass processing and energy generation.

For industrial biochar production, the Vario XL plant class offers scalable solutions tailored to individual production and utilization needs.

SPSC GmbH’s advanced technology allows the recycling of over 100 types of biowaste to produce high-quality biochar. The biochar obtained through their process possesses special properties and high heat tolerance, resulting in a pure and high-quality end product with versatile applications. In agriculture, biochar serves as a valuable feed additive, bedding material, slurry treatment agent, and compost additive. It enhances animal health, reduces odors, optimizes manure quality, and minimizes harmful nutrient losses to the climate and environment. Additionally, biochar offers an ecologically friendly alternative to fossil-based coal and deforestation in industries such as metal, medical, and food.

Biochar represents a promising future product, contributing significantly to climate neutrality and CO2 reduction. The carbonization process binds CO2 and removes it from the cycle while producing a valuable end product. This approach not only aids in waste management but also saves costs associated with disposal and external recycling of biowaste.

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