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The Climate Change Professional Association (CCPA) was founded in 2023 with the aim of assisting in environmental protection by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Together with our members, we advocate for sustainable production and use of biochar, promoting emission-free energy technologies.

We see ourselves as partners to scientists, practitioners, technology developers, and policymakers.

Supporting Professionals

Providing insights, consultations, engaging specialists for addressing current challenges, conducting tests and laboratory research, showcasing examples of utilization, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange – a conducive environment empowering professionals to realize their ideas.

Promoting Ideas in Society

Social recognition plays an important role in achieving our goals. At the core of our communication lies an honest and comprehensive explanation of the various applications and potential of biochar, aiming to inform and engage interested individuals, professionals and the wider public.

Science and Research

Science and research are key to making meaningful changes. We believe that knowledge must be put into action. As supporters, we promote the responsible use of biochar for a better environment, wildlife, and people. Let’s work together to create a positive difference.

Membership Benefits

Expert Support

Product Promotion

Knowledge and Resource Hub

Professional Community

Regulatory Compliance

Building a Greener Sustainable Future

Members and partners

Bringing together technology developers, equipment manufacturers, energy users, biochar consumers, analysts, patrons, and all who care about the future of the planet