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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."
Sir Robert Swan

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Learn about the wide-ranging advantages of using biochar across various sectors, to improve efficiency and promote sustainability. This event will cover how biochar can support different environmental and energy projects, including its role in reducing carbon footprint, enhancing soil health and biogas production. 

Featuring a diverse panel of experts on various topics related to biogas, biochar and carbon credits

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Global warming is caused by the increase in CO2 levels, resulting in the greenhouse effect and higher temperatures on the planet. The world’s top specialists are developing and actively implementing various technologies to reduce CO2.

What is biochar

Innovative and gaining popularity in various applications – learn more about biochar.

Trusted Partner in Biochar

Charnet, the Swiss Biochar Association, is dedicated to sustainable biochar production and application.

Charnet connects stakeholders across the biochar value chain and support research, policy, and industry collaboration. 
By supporting research, policy, and industry collaboration, Charnet aims to advance biochar technology and its benefits.
We are proud to announce our partnership with Charnet to further these shared goals.

Sustainable Partner in Recruitment

For over three decades, Allen & York has been a leader in delivering exceptional hires to the green economy.

The company specializes in Executive Search & Recruitment, supporting all staffing levels with a particular focus on Management and Director roles. Their expertise spans various sectors, including Environment, Energy, Sustainability & ESG, and Health, Safety, and Wellbeing.

Allen & York aims to reduce their clients’ time to hire and assist purpose-driven organizations in building better teams. Dedicated to fostering a more sustainable global economy, they leverage their deep industry knowledge to make a positive impact.

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